Tips and Hints

There are tips and hints on the use of ECSync! on this page that don't belong to one of the other Themes about ECSync!.

Look into files

Sometimes it may be wise to have a look at a file's content before starting the synchronization. Just double click the corresponding file. ECSync! will open this file with its corresponding application.

System and hidden directories and files will be written over

If there exist directories and files that have the property System and/or hidden, the following problem may occur during the scanning and comparing process if these properties are not selected in the corresponding profile:

The directories and files will be found only on that side, where they do not have the property System or hidden. This means that these files are not recognized as existent on the other side and may be overwritten during the synchronization process even if they are newer.


This problem exists by design. It occurs only if the appropriate directories and files have been copied before with a program that does not include the properties System and hidden in the copying process, or if one these properties has been changed later.

Work around

Select language

Click this button, if you want to adapt ECSync! to another language.


Clicking this button opens a dialog for registration of ECSync!.