Program Description

Program Description

With ECSync! you get a professional program for backup an synchronization of your data and files. You update and save your folders and files on any computer with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 8 or 10.

The procedure is extremely simple: You save an executed backup or synchronization in a profile, which can be used anytime to repeat the same task with or without modifications. You can use any amount of profiles. They can be sorted and assigned to different Themes by giving them meaningful names.

This way you can repeat a once executed task anytime. The process can be carried out without any user intervention. On the other hand, it is possible to apply changes if necessary. With the Windows Task Scheduler the backups and synchronizations can be executed in the background periodically.

ECSync! displays an optimized window divided into two sections. One for the source and the other one for the destination. It shows, which files are in the folders to synchronize and which of them have to be updated. Of course you can adjust this display to your specific needs. With this clear representation you have an easy chance to modify the task.

You can easily define filters that include and exclude folders and files into the copy process.

It even can be wise to use ECSync! on a single computer. You are able to save your current projects and data in another folder or on another disc.

By the way, saving data with ECSync! is normally extremely faster than copying them with the Windows explorer! For example, saving 1,300 files took 20 seconds with the explorer. With ECSync! the same process used 10 seconds only! That's saving of 50%! We did not take into account that with the explorer an awkward selection of folders and files to copy is necessary first.